Forensics Consulting

A Forensic Expert Witness is a scientist who provides testimony in court about forensic evidence for both the plaintiff and defense.


“We focus on the science so you can focus on the bigger picture.”

Forensic Expert Witness is a scientist who provides testimony in court about forensic evidence for both the plaintiff and defense. Do you have unanswered questions about a case or how the investigation was conducted?  Ullemeyer Forensics Consulting Services are available to review technical reports, photographs and evidentiary documentation in order to provide answers, within the scope of education, training and experience, as to the circumstances of the investigation. All of our training is based on our investigative experience, sound investigative and forensic principals, and the latest forensic techniques. Above all, we are dedicated to helping our clients build a solid case based solely on the facts.

Our Forensics Consulting team assists organizations in investigating facts and resolving disputes that hinge on forensics.  We provide law firms, prosecutors, private investigators, companies, government entities, and other interested parties with a multidisciplinary and independent range of services in civil and criminal investigations and disputes.  We deliver a wide range of services centered around 2 core offerings: Technical Case Review (Crime Scene Investigation and Physical Evidence processing) and Latent Print Casework.

Ullemeyer Forensics, LLC’s forensic experts are leaders in their respective fields. They are accomplished retired  law enforcement investigators and Forensics scientists with proven track records of achievement in research, teaching and criminal investigations.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you by providing credible forensic engineering and technical expertise.


A crime scene case review involves reading and analyzing crime scene reports, lab reports, photographs, and crime scene diagrams associated with your case.  These reviews by a forensic consultant often generate questions and areas that need further investigation.  This analysis may confirm or refute statements., evidence, or hypotheses put forth by opposing counsel.  We offer case review for the following: 

  • Crime Scene Investigation, Reconstruction & Analysis.  Best practices used?  Scene Secured?
  • Ensure standard operatizing procedures are used during the collection, analysis and testing and storage of physical evidence.
  • Were there signs of cross-contamination?
  • Ensure proper Chain of Custody was established.
  • Review qualifications and competency of fingerprint analysts.
  • Review Crime Scene reports and photographs.
  • Evaluate the quality of inked fingerprints on documents to determine usability to render a conclusion of Identity.
Court room


Ullemeyer Forensics provides expert consultation services for many aspects of physical evidence analysis, from fingerprint comparisons, crime scene processing, physical evidence processing, to AFIS systems. Attorneys should always have every latent print/impression evidence report reviewed for accuracy.  This includes verifying that the agency policies follow current standards, and that policies were correctly applied in each case.

Our Forensic Consultants aid with your Fingerprint Casework, including impression evidence (shoe & tire impressions). At Ullemeyer Forensics, LLC, we specialize in Comparative Analysis Casework. Our services for case review/analysis include:

  • Latent Print Processing of various surfaces using a variety of reagent techniques.
  • Evaluation of the value of a developed print.
  • Comparison of unknown impression prints to known prints.
  • Verification of fingerprint analysis conclusions.
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems. FBI’s Next Generation Identification Database (NGI) .
  • Proper collection, documentation and preservation of latent prints and impression evidence.
  • Verify the ACE-V methodology was used in the process of each comparative analysis. 
pattern evidence comparison


The role of the Forensic Consultant is to serve as a facilitator in helping the in-house and litigation attorneys understand how to achieve best compliance with the Rules of Evidence, court requirements, and the goals of the case in use and presentation of physical & digital evidence.