Forensics Training

Training in Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation, and Evidence Processing



When it comes to training, Ullemeyer Forensics, LLC, is a veteran owned and operated business developed to provide quality investigative training for detectives, crime scene investigators and prosecutors. All of our instructors are experienced detectives or crime scene analysts, and have been recognized in court as expert witnesses in their respective field of expertise and each has already provided training to law enforcement and forensic professionals.  ​

Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Training

The Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Certificate program is a combined curriculum consisting of (40) hours of crime scene investigation training modules.  This training will provide both the skills and knowledge of crime scene investigation, forensic analysis, and utilizes a “hands-on” application of crime scene investigative techniques both in the classroom and in mock simulations.  This program is designed to give the student an overview of crime scene investigations and upon completion of this course will assist students in meeting the minimum requirements for this profession.​

This program is based on the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Field Evidence Technician Program (FET) given to working peace officers and crime scene investigators. This course is designed to prepare students for a career as a Crime Scene Investigator.

Advanced Crime Scene Investigations 

Commission on Peace Officer Badge

This comprehensive 40 hour workshop will provide training and assistance in advanced crime scene processing techniques. This course was developed for detectives in order to advance their skills in the examination of major crime scenes.

The latest research and application of new crime scene techniques will be among the topics for discussion. The course includes an overview of how to approach and examine major crime scenes, along with hands-on training and the opportunity to present the physical evidence recovered from mock scenes in a courtroom setting. All advanced instructional techniques will be illustrated with actual case scenarios. These training hours can be applied toward the International Association for Identification Crime Scene Certification application.

Specialized Training & Guest Speaking

Ullemeyer Forensics strives to provide specialized training in the field of Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigations &  Evidence Processing.  Should you have a specific training needs or would like to request a guest speaker to talk at one of your events, please contact us .