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Michael Ullemeyer brings extensive experience in the field of Forensic Science. 

Michael E. Ullemeyer

Michael Ullemeyer

Michael Ullemeyer brings extensive experience in the field of Forensic Science.  He has 36 years of law enforcement experience conducting crime scene investigations, processing physical evidence, and providing expert testimony in Santa Barbara Superior Court.

In 2023, Michael retired from his role of Forensics Unit Supervisor with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.  Michael founded Ullemeyer Forensics, LLC to pursue his continued interest and work in the field of Forensics. His company was formed to provide training, consulting, and physical evidence processing services to those needing forensic expertise.


Michael Ullemeyer Forensics Investigator
Michael Ullemeyer, Retired Forensic Unit Supervisor, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.

Michael has resided in Santa Barbara for over 40 years and is an alumnus of the Brooks Institute of Photography, where he obtained a degree in Scientific/Industrial Imaging. After graduating, Michael was hired by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. He was assigned to the Bureau of Criminalistics as a Forensic Technician, processing crime scenes and examining physical evidence. After seven years, Michael transitioned to the Santa Barbara Police Department as a Senior Forensic Technician.

At the Santa Barbara Police Department, Michael managed their Forensic Science Unit. Michael integrated the Criminal Investigation’s Crime Lab and the High-Tech Crime Unit. He accrued extensive expertise in the forensic analysis of computers and cell phones.  Michael participated in and successfully completed 440 hours of Computer & Mobile Device forensics courses. 

After twenty years with the Police Department, Michael retired and lateralled back to the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department where he was promoted to Forensic Unit Supervisor. 

Michael teaches Forensic Science courses as an Adjunct Professor for the Santa Barbara City College’s School of Justice Studies. He has also taught Forensic courses at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Michael provides instruction to law enforcement agencies in POST-certified Crime Scene Investigation classes. 

In the three decades of his investigative experience, Michael has processed physical evidence, victims, suspects, and has investigated nearly 1,100 crime scenes.  He has processed in access of 100,000 fingerprint comparisons and has testified as an Expert Witness in over 150 trials. His work ethic, integrity, and extensive investigative knowledge can be seen in the complete, accurate, and timely reports he provided to the local criminal justice system.

As a result of his extensive training and experience, Michael has been recognized in the Santa Barbara Superior Court as an expert in fingerprinting, photography and crime scene investigations and provides expert testimony. 

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